Disclaimer: This story is fiction and does not relate to any character or human alive or dead.



We’re all brought into this world for a purpose, whether you believe it or not, there are both positive and negative forces rounding around us and guiding us. Learning from this history, we’ve come a long way while evaluating ways to live life peacefully and in comfort. But, what I refuse to believe is that our roles have been characterized by gender, class, religion or creed. Every person born has his/her own duties appointed irrespective of gender or anything else. Gender plays a role in biological process and not for psychology or a person’s interests, likes or dislikes, a role of any human on this planet is determined by his/her actions and not the preference of division. While some people argue over this, no matter how much they try to prove their point, identities have been characterized by gender, agreed, but there isn’t any mention of classification of class or caste, these are all societal rules, man-made norms and people have been following this blindly. Being a political science student, I have become very keen about history and evolution of mankind. While observing the situations one question kept coming back to me; why are people so much connected to their religion and why is their identity and background dependent on that?  No matter how much secure we become as a person, our sole placing is determined by religion, our purpose in life, our peace, our lifestyle, everything is determined through religion, we’re so afraid to lose ourselves that anything that isn’t approved in our thoughts, becomes wrong in our beliefs. We forget that there’s not just one religion that rules the world, perhaps it’s sad how only religion rules us, humanity and love are mere words existing in dictionary.

I am not an atheist, nor do I blindly follow God, I have a certain amount of belief in it and it only gives me strength and positive vibes. The sole purpose of religion is to provide a definite path to people and help them lead a life with only good vibes. Religion was always to be followed willingly; there shouldn’t be all these customs for people to forcefully admit to a particular religion. If one argues that a person is born in a certain blood type and has to go by its rules, because that’s what a certain person once decided for the upcoming generation then, every individual should have the option to opt out of the religion they are following out of coercion. Implied influence will always backfire and if your religion teaches oppression and duress, you need to re-think your purpose of life and maybe visit your roots again.  Now-days as we are developing scientifically but we’re going backwards. In the pace of succeeding economically and developing, we became poor in humanity and morals. The radicals, liberals or seculars consistent fight with pseudo- seculars and the strong religious communities.

This constant fight between communities only harms the innocent. And one of the many was Amiya, belonging to the third gender. Her fights were different than that of women and men; unlike them, she fought to prove her existence and her identity against every community, for they believed her to be unnatural and sick. Her fight till the end only left us with questions to ask and humanity to be lost.


Her story in the next post.


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