Diddae ♡

You left me here

I was waiting near

You were long gone

And I never knew

The anxiety in me

Makes me shiver

Your hand was enough

To reach serenity

My peace was instilled

I found my identity 

But now you’re gone

And I still await

Your touch, your smile 

Your comfortable long mile

I miss the pieces 

For, that made you one

I still await

I still run

I escape emotions 

I eloped myself

This hide n seek

I strive to conceal

Tears stroll

I fear them all

The emotions that locked up 

Should not be seen

Help me diddae, my satan is mean

I stare in the abyss

The doom too bright 

Help me diddae, my god is not right

I stand on quilt

Loathing the change

I miss the beginning 

For now I’m only torn

Free me from this

The demon in me is pissed

It takes my will

My feelings, just still

I still await

Your tenderness baits 

My peace searches you 

Come back soon

I love you you you…


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