A Date Night With Delhi

Image courtesy: Sneha Chaudhary

Searching for the glow

I discovered the night 

How moon shines above

How quiet, the sight

The slow breeze

Tickled my hair

Made me feel

How not to care 

The world around me was still,

No one was fighting

Streets filled with men,

Cornered for pleasure

The road didn’t exist in the day

For, only night ruled its body;

The over worked laborers 

Returning to survive

Feed the people behind them,

A meal for all.

Silent crime waves,

Unheard screams,

The road had seen a lot

The road was not keen

Oh! Delhi ,you keep quiet

How long before you shout?

The capital is excused ,

For the people just fall,

The paths are silent,

The winds there don’t stop;

A night out win Delhi,

Was never a hope.

Speeding regular cars,

Escaping troubled minds,

How night became my favourite

When day was on time,

How I adore the moonlight 

When sunshine gives me hope,

A hope to meet you again,

A hope to meet you soon,

No judgements,

No violence,

My comfortable silence.


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