The Blue Den

There was a girl,
Let’s call her blue,

Her emotions at par,

The sadness in her,

Never threw her far;

Keeping people close,

Love closer,

Her escape was happiness ,

But for others, to differ

Her ink worked blue,

But her emotions sure gray

Hiding behind the rainbow ,

Shining with the ray,

The missing journal,

Trying to find her pen,

She came across a guy,

We’ll name him den,

The undiscovered cave;

It was the day they crashed,

Den broke in piles,

The uneven stones,

And the melting light ,

He found someone ,

She understood his walls,

The engravings shined,

He was proud just mild,

In her lost mind,

She found a den,

In his grey world,

For, he found the color ,

Love was defined ,

But as friends forever..

Image source- unknown 


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