To name the most pure relationship in today’s time, I think it’s a relation between a child and the parents. How both turn selfless and selfish just to make each other smile. To describe it perfectly, it’s a bittersweet and sour bond with its own twist and touch of love. 

 Our parents would sleep empty stomach making sure ours is full.We have all been taught to respect our elders. We all adhere to this code, but how much does this in-process code work vice-versa?

Image source unknown 

Crossing my teenage years,

Saving my people ,I entered adulthood,

For, all the hopes and aspirations built, were now to be fulfilled

Filled up with desire ,

Fired up with plans, my journey began;

With each passing day, reality stuck me,

Being adult was not rainbow,

A thunderstorm all dark,

I was not taught,

The situation was new,

Unknown and lost,

The path, my past 

Haunting stories, 

Less genuine people;

I realised 500 bucks were less,

I realised this phase was a mess

My guilt rose,

I couldn’t ask for more ,

My parents did the best,

But my pride was shattered,

Yes dad, it mattered.

I am made aware ,

For all they are doing,

Every day, every minute 

Self-condemnation was on high,

My diginity-low,

Their favours were up,

My bucket was full,

Their past memories 

Now haunt me,

For, they never got over

They’re passing it on,

Yes ma, I’m afraid of dawn

Are we mere robots?

Do our feelings don’t matter?

Paying their loan,

Made my mirror shatter,

My respect ,

My frustration ,

Hell will break lose ,

You dare say a word against ,

You’re supposed to be obliged ,

For, this life is their main.

Ma-pa, I love you with all my heart

I’m grateful for every part 

So, let your guard down once

I’m your daughter,

But I have my life 

Help me take steps 

Like how you did, in little 

But let me walk alone,

But, still be my brittle. ♡


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