Image by- Pranav Singh Baghel

Tell me now,

And tell me true,

Is growing, above

Me and you?

The long promises,

The wrong texts,

The sparks,

They’re all dead?

Waiting to be a teenager,

Crossing anger issues,

Imbalanced hormones ,

And overused tissues,

Coming from crying with people,

To crying alone,

The distance apart,

Grew more and more;

Here the letter says, 

“Don’t let me grow, oh! Stop the flow, my mind deluded,

My heart slow;

Sedulous it may seem

My gifted life,

Still broken as it is,

Still pricked with a knife,

Oh! ma, help me now,

Don’t let me grow, stop.”

The cries of pain,

The emotional vain,

A song comes up, singing at night,

Painting blue to something so white,

“Daddy, your princess turned into a lady, fighting her battles, avoiding the shady;

Friendships and break ups,

Heart breaks and make ups,

You didn’t teach me this,

Oh! daddy, you resisted much,

Oh! daddy, your princess is tough, 

Oh! daddy she turned into a warrior,

Keep this letter as my souvenir.”

Defeating anxiety and depression and the almighty

For how you longed,

Her sleepless nights,

Now she’s asleep forever,

A sinner in your eyes,

A failure by choice,

In her over achieved domain,

And her box full of cocaine,

The dried ink,

And the torn diaries,

The world failed her,

Yet she tranquiled her miseries.


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