The Shadowed Sunlight 

Going through break-ups and stating “complicated” to treat relationships and love is exactly  what is wrong with our generation. The value of true love and loyalty seems to bush in the dark. 

Recently going through this phase, a question raised to me was “do you believe that your love is weak compared to YOUR LOVE?”

Image courtesy- unknown 

Here is what it said-

Please tell me something

And do not lie

Is something fading

Between you and I?

Noticed changes

In the recent past

And waited patiently

Hoping it wouldn’t last

I give everything I can give you

Now its your turn

To give what’s overdue

Something is different,

Not like before.

I do my best

Trying to restore

This way we showed love

To each other

Without crowding you

Or trying to smother

 Just need to know

If one thing is true

Do you love me

As much as you used to?

(Mayank Nath)

Here is my answer hun, –
My idea was wrong,

My feelings now gone,

The break-past year,

Was cluttered in my brain

Wired every wrong

With smokes and bongs 

My love never faded,

My love is still intact

Between the closed spaces

Difficult it may seem, 

The path seen,

The thorns still awaits, 

For it will pierce through my skin,

The alluring flower could not win.

Murmured my soul

” to the expense of your role, you’ll let us die, your love was a lie?”

Deep breaths to corner

Discretous was main

Ravage of anger

To resurrect the rage.

So, here I answer, to the question then raised

I love you to the moon and back 

I still love you the same.


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