Menstruation- my main

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on the sections of the society that are often ignored and their social causes. Realizing that that’s all I write about, Manki, my not-so-constant-yet- irritating-love advised me as to how I should try to write about happy stuff and rainbows and colors. A little disappointed as I was and yes critics are always welcome. My plain thought was that why do people get tired of reading about such stuff, it happens and things haven’t changed and we being the youth should take responsibility of changing things. 

It was then when meri dimag ki batti jali, aur idea soojha. I can still write about all those issues but with witty words and a sarcastic punch. So, here one goes for every girl who faces this every month and panics when missed. To every woman out there constantly fixing her pad and trying to keep up with the speed of her life,sadly we’re in this together. For, everyone will break our heart and leave us, but periods :’))))

Waking up to the disordered life

Only to find the cramps with knife

Stains so sticky, no

Red that discharge 

Periods knocking me down

“Hello there pretty, here to mess up haven’t used your eggs that good so here’s your reward for keeping it low before adult. *Psssht*, a punch for result.

Keeping up smile,

Changing pads every hour,

Throwing away my favourite undies ,

Crying because my room is not blue,

Laughing without any clue,

Screaming because chocolate was too sweet,

Oh! my periods, you ruin my new sheet.

Those sanitary ads

Playing with our minds,

The fuck wrong with those chicks?

Do cramps leave them undefined?

How so ever we use the napkin,

The little bitch sneaks out,

Showing its true colors,

Ruining my day,

Oh! my periods, why you be this way.

Uncomfortable to sit,

Tired to run,

Make me untouchable in my own sense;

My legs hurt,

My uterus explodes ,

Chocolate to pizza,

Cravings are high,

Or as low as on diet,

Fast to cry,

Oh! my periods, you just make me lie.


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