Progressed and Opressed

Disclaimer- This post mentions towards the oppressed actions one takes in the name of religion and humanity. If you’re offended, because of the truth, you need to start asking questions.

One rally for the anti-nationals,

One rally for the atheists,

Religious feelings and sensitive issues;

Far away on a stranded land a little girl calls for help,

For, her brother is unconscious and unable to breathe, 

She waits and waits, she waits on bait;

“Spread love not hatred” they say ,

Two men fought, a mob cheered

Two men kissed, a mob killed them.

“Women empowerment and safety” they say,

Happy she was, promotion she received, wanting to celebrate she gasped her breath

Opening a bottle she cheered in tears, little did she know her tears would turn to the literal meaning, her morale was openly abhored, and screamed in anguish, her independence was questioned, her character was judged, her pride was dead. 

A brute changed all, her dignity managed to coerce her;

“We work for the people, by the people” they say,

Farmers still dying,

Families still moaning,

Nationalism unhindered 

Humanity still lingered.

For another peaceful thought, here we go..

Image Source- unknown

आपने अपने मज़हब को बचा लिया,

उसकी सुरक्षा की,

वहां मंदिर बनवाया,

यहाँ मस्जिद बनवाया ,

वहां गौ रक्षक खड़े हुए ,

इधर लड़कियों को बुर्का पहनाया ,

एक मोमबत्ती जला के जीसस को अँधेरे से बचाया,

यहाँ एक और जानवर बिकने के लिए कटा है ,

एक और औरत बलात्कार से गुज़री है ,

एक और भिखारी  नंगा सोया है,

आपका धर्म किसके लिए है, जब उस धर्म को पूजने वाले लोग ही ज़िंदा नहीं ,

किस भगवान् को याद करे, कौनसी जगह माथा टेके,

एक इंसान मर रहा,

बच्चे भूखे है ,

औरत बेबस है,

तुम देख कर मुकरते हो,

तुम इंसान नहीं ,

तुम बस धर्म और मज़हब में बंधे हो।


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