My school

(Last week I was going through my books, where I found this poem I wrote on the last day of my school. All nostalgic and in feels. No, this poem is not that great and probably because I wrote it back when I was still a kid. Ignore the technicalities please. It’s all about feelings here. ) 

Walking through the chambers

My school somehow seemed small
For all the memories I hold
Were now in a wall
Corner to corner
Every room
Remembered all
My school somehow seemed small

14 years how it started
14 years now had ended
My childhood
My teenage
My entire life
My memories
I remember crying
The first day at school
Not wanting to leave my mom
Boarding in the strange rule
How I never thought
This would become my home
Feeling all emotions
My dome

Friendship, hatred, love and joy,
Re defined everything
In my memoir
The diwali rangoli
And annual celebration
The morning assembly
And the board commotion

Now, the last day today
I sit in my class
Staring at the empty benches
Scribbled with names, the unknown stories
Remembering the wonderful moments
My teachers, my peers
Giggles to teardrop
The annual students’ crop
All exit the door
To bid adieu
One last look
Gazing at the empty ground
With painted shirts
And sobbing eyes
We walk away
Our future awaits..


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