(The picture depicting how he is held back by the “sanskaari-society”)

I’m brought into this world,

Out of nowhere I’m pushed,
My identiy is fixed,
My emotions are mixed;
A certain process,
A dress, a style,
Individuality missing for a while
Your upbringing,
Your values,
Your religion,
Your caste,
Your taste,
All waste
My gender is known
My features aren’t shown,
My colors genderized,
My thoughts are not purified,
My choices differ,
Oh, now I have to suffer, suffer suffer…
My soul so dark
It resembles UP-Bihar;
“I’m depressed”- a hoax,
But nazar lagi loads loads loads…
Men can’t be together,
Opposite sex, oh no! Sshhh no sex
Ahm ahm, opposite GENDER is the case,
Consent is given,
Society’s. (Such a turn on)
You defy gay,
You defy bi,
You defy girls,

All lie.
“Valentine’s is not our culture,
So moral policing is our defence,
While we objectify women and abuse them,
One fap down to a porn star’s bosom..”
They have more dignity than you,
They’re not hooligans like ewwww.. (you- pun intended-dig by grammar nazi)
But rape is natural,
No “Consent”,
Sure her mouth was shut,
But her dress was slut.

I cannot cry,
I cannot wry,
Asked not to be a girl,
Every other gender to you is weak,
‘Man-up’ sleeeek..

What is obscene,
You mention in the law?
Murder and rape are not to draw?
Our culture’s quest!

Why am I asked to feel up?
I don’t enjoy being touched,
Yes, a man too is raped,
But my mouth is taped;
‘Bro, enjoy
You’re not a girl,
Slay and let that body lay..’
Take out the trash
And your mouth of rash,
My consent is not gender-specific,
My experience was horrific,
My resent was needed,
My fear was then breeded*,
Your hopes and wishes,
Buried me far,
Leaving a scar,
Religion, gender and caste,
You killed me last…
(Breeded-referring to how his fear had just risen more and more.)


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