Troubled minds,

Trembling lips

Leaving the bad soul,

Grinned- satan,

“Thou shall die,

Thou shall live..”

Poles apart,

But diversion, met;

Should I or should I not?

Agitation running,

Kvetching enough,

The two-faced me had a rough;


To or to not?

The questions splurged,

A sense of revert,

Nailing down my head,

Shouting with all energy,

“Let go, let go..”

Confused wires,

Haphazard cogitation,

“Stop! Stop now!” A sense of retaliation,

My choice, my own,

My fears, all known;

Still fighting,

A single second to a day,

A day to years,

Years to death,

My life on meth,

Running to the rescue,

Shining above,

My soul coming to life,

Plunged with a knife.

Image courtesy- Avantika Thakur

Inspiration- Mayank Nath


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