The World Hates Women

(If this is how life ends, i never want to be born again)-  A rape VICTIM

Killing the spree
Luring me in
Resisted I much
Blaming the presence
The hard hitting truth
Of how I was raped, oh no not touched
But gazed.
My hands wrapped around me, trying to cover
A voice shouted there ” why now? Being too clever”
Pleaded as I was late,
But someone had to state
“You were out at this hour, you better not relate”
Forcing me to drink , i refused all the time
One advise to the justification, “your favourite drink, why turn down now?”
In anger I screamed and warned to back off
But this time my inner voice asked me to stay calm; “girls don’t shout, don’t scream out loud,
Be composed ,oh! don’t abuse. Just wear something decent and cover the bruise.”
I gnawed and cried.
My heart pouring out.
My hair, my size my dress, my eyes
A certain way in a low manner.
Woman- like, how sweet.
All the colours defined a woman’s spirit.
Forgetting the dark side to every bloom
Indeed it was time for goddess kali to gloom
To shine and give life
Use the colours inside
Angry blue with revengious red
Shining yellow purpose with a black bed,
A bed of shame, a bed of fire
To maltreat the devils,
A chance to once show the world how equality works,
Patriarchy and chauvinism to be buried in deep
A long gap before the final leap,
One last try before we’re swept away from the world.
Not all men act, but all women suffer
Because not all the people act, all women suffer.
But hide your stained red skirt,
Forget the hormones, a female is menstruating,
Control, blame my actions on the dirty blood flowing out, my bad I realize..i am to be blamed
A man’s hormones, oh! his dick rising, “’s okay bear for 15 mins and I’ll be done”.
Because you, a woman.

The world hates us and the world wants us.
We’re nowhere to be found,
We’re feminists, we’re stupid, we’re at fault,
Hey, kill us again
The re- birth may find no path.
The last drop of blood, the last drop of tear,
The torn clothes ,still not much for us to bear,
Punish us for having a vagina,
Rape us for carrying  breasts
Excuse them for not asking our consent
Because words from our mouth have no value,
Oh, we didn’t know we performed mime,
Of course, we’re in wrong time,

A deep breath, my last breath,
I hereby apologize for all I have done,
Being a woman was  a mistake,
My body is not mine, my consent is not needed,
But I am to be blamed,
Not the guilty but I am to be pleaded.


4 thoughts on “The World Hates Women

  1. Never give up. I find your posts very inspiring. You must know that it is you who must trust and believe in yourself first so I think this blog makes you a hero to every victim out there.
    This is the second post I’m reading after reading your latest post. Keep going and have confidence in yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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