Goddess Worshiped; Women ill-treated

( I am not against saving animals,but the point that they get justice before the already pending cases of so much crimes and bad things happening to humans. A life of an animal is far more important than a human being. Maybe if people actually gave a damn about other humans,they won’t hate humans so much. The fact that they dont save others and choose animals over them. To the people who hate humans because they are annoying- someone else hates you because you did nothing to save them.)

A dog went out
And broke its leg
Twenty people gathered
And new found limbs
A cow was cut
And a city burned down
The culprits were hanged
The cow rest in peace
Acid was thrown on
A monkey,cat and dog
Protests,complaints in every possible way
Until the guilty were punished
In the broad light day
Right beside the scene
A child was lying
Hungry and sick
But no,a dog was dying
To bring justice to a religious cow,
The city was shut
People lost their lives
And children were now orphan
Forced to beg,
No kidnap,no theft
The country protected their beliefs and pets
Because humans were a waste then,humans are a waste now.
Women’s contribution to the world amazes me
More bodies to destroy
Oh! Blame it on the time, company and what they buy.
‘Gau-rakshak and PETA’
And all the animal lovers are working so fast
It takes a day or two to put the accused behind the bars.
Where the children are still dying
And women are still raped
But don’t worry,
Our cows and dogs are safe.
No it’s no news
Rapes happen everyday
It’ll be news to you
When your daughter cries and the world turns blind
Then you can mourn
And the guilty will hide
A year or two
And your news will be someone else’s ride.

P.S: That masterpiece belongs to Sakshi Srivastava


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