Father To Dad

(Anyone can be a father, it takes something special to be a dad.)

To take a break
Is mandatory enough,
To smile is an option;
How can you let worries fly without any sigh?
The wrinkles grow old and old,
But, you keep the shapes in mould.
For, how handsome you still look.
Your eyes carry experience,
And your smile, pain,
Your face tells a story,
And so does your vein.
Your pure heart
And your generous you.
A musician, a singer,
An expert in all,
Be it cooking, or work,
Or to make me smile like a doll.
For, all the times you bought me jeans,
And gave me a start,
While your favorite shirt still lay in a cart.
For, all the times you slept through hunger and heat,
While making sure I had enough wheat.
A thank you isn’t enough for you, dad.
How will I ever repay you?
How can I see you grow old?
You’re my first hero and my last love.
Nothing can ever be enough.
But, if this makes you smile,
All appreciated, my while..


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