The Smiling Potato

(dedicated to my love- Sakshi)


 In the resting sun,

Balloons were her freedom,

The ones that lay on ground,

Were her excuse to comfort,

Others flew high 

Reminding, her freedom.

Where the air-filled ball of joy,

Gave her happiness;

The lights that were to guide her home,

Gave her a sense of peace,

Made her calm

In the groves of balm.

The four people together,

Sang her to sleep,

The acoustic guitar

Made her weep.

Imaginary and dreamy,

Her world was;

To say reality,

Fog fog all so steamy.

Stuck in depression,

Putting up a fake smile,

Searching her last string,

She walked a mile.

A beautiful little potato,

With barely existing nose;

After surviving a storm,

She discovered her pose.

From click to candid,

From found to stranded,

Her alone-self was now her solace;

The smiling potato

Now has a face.


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