‘The Barreled Earrings’ has been used as a metaphor,comparing the jewelry with her past-self and freedom. She left those and chose to move ahead, but somehow the society doesn’t want her to leave those earrings, as they consider it as a mark of respect for women.

P.S. The photo used has been taken by my very talented sister, Avantika Thakur.

The off-spring,

the fall out,

the season awaits wonders

her smile can create.

Oh! what she lost,

her dear jewelry,

in the dark-o-deep;

there was no leap.

Her constant searching,

for her lost self,

she loathed

her past mistakes.

For, how happy she was,

and self-reliant,

not obligated,

not shy and silent.

Was her character unsavory?

The morals set by the society were too low?

Her smile was not keen,

her morals were unseen.

‘पहनो लाज का घूँघट,
तुम्हारा कर्त्तव्य है.’

These words echoed

and pinched her hard,

for her hands to bleed,

the pain was the need.

Should she now worry,

and reserve herself again;

was the jewelry so precious,

even more than herself,

they didn’t see the confidence she wore,

but expected to find

the barreled earrings,

and live life as they pour.

Is this her freedom?

Is this her life?

She lost herself again,

in the plight.







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