As I walked down to the road,

I saw a stingy boy

crying for a new car,

and a liberal boy

happy with his stick;

A stick as low, as the crying boy,

His wishes were high for a broken toy.

As I walked further,

I saw religion commend,

The person who sliced up the the throats of two girls,

For, they were criminals, the beef they consumed.

Once again humanity cried as religion shined.

My heart was aching, but I had to travel more,

My legs were shaking, time was a whore.

Some women were being harassed,

For dowry bowl,

Or just residing in the bodies and the soul.

A few more steps caught my hold,

“no crying, enjoy it, don’t be weak”

Men were told.

Terrorism, poverty, hunger

Struck my path

Waiting, till I lose my neck,

all reside in my wreath.

I fought back my tears,

And took the first step,

towards the new route,

to find real humans,

and restore the faith in humanity.

I chose a different road,

the time itself slowed.




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